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“WE KNOW PASTA” The Antoniou family has been in the pasta business for over a century! Antoniou Bros. is the LARGEST Specialty Pasta & Nest Pasta Manufacturer in Egypt!

Product Overview

Pasta Brands
We offer our own brands as well as have the ability to pack our customers’ brands . Currently, our main brands include: 1) Antoniou Bros. Pasta 2) Egyptian Government Brands including packing for a) the Egyptian military, b) for the Ministry of Solidarity and Social justice and c) the Ministry of Aviation. and 3) Several white label brands for various international clients. In terms of sizes, for retail packaging we offer 350g, 400g, and 1000g sizes whereas for bulk packaging we offer 5kg and 10kg sizes. The retail sizes are packed in BOPP/CAST bags with the option of plastic or carton as the secondary packaging. For the bulk sizes, they are packed in wooven bags
Pasta Shapes
Over 25 pasta shapes produced on a daily basis with an additional 25 seasonal shapes. The main categories of pasta shapes include Short Pasta, Special Short Pasta, Long Pasta, and Nest Pasta. We are the largest Specialty Pasta manufacturer in Egypt and one of the largest Nest Pasta manufacturers in the Middle East!


Why Antoniou Bros. Pasta?

Superior Taste

Superior TasteEnsuring the best quality pasta is a tradition among the Antoniou Brothers. We use the highest quality flour coupled with the purest water sources to ensure that we create an extraordinary food experience. Quality control is a daily ritual at Antoniou Bros. Co., where we check the color, smell, taste, and cooking behavior of every shape manufactured. The pasta should have a beautiful bright yellow color, firm shape, flour scent, silky smooth touch and a gentle cooking behavior.

Exceptional Management Team

Exceptional Management TeamAntoniou Bros. believes in continuous improvement and has embraced lean manufacturing principles to ensure operational excellence. The experience of the Engineering Department at Antoniou Bros. is at the leading forefront of pasta technology. Antoniou Bros. has worked side by side with leading Italian suppliers to innovate together new and improved methods in pasta manufacturing, particularly in the extrusion and drying process of pasta manufacturing.  

Largest Product Diversity

Largest Product DiversityAntoniou Bros. Co. manufactures dry pasta including long, short, special short and nest (nidi) pasta as well as offer a variety of packaging options including 350g, 400g, 1000g, 5Kg, and 10kg. On a daily basis we produce 25 different shapes of pasta but we have in our portfolio over 50 shapes. We are using the latest technological Swiss and Italian innovations in conjunction with our own expertise to deliver quality pasta products for the Egyptian and International markets.

Competitive Price

Competitive PriceOne of the most difficult equations in business is to attempt to offer the highest possible quality at the most affordable prices. Given our expertise of over a century in the pasta business and our incredible geographic location has enabled us to always secure the best possible prices. Egypt is the largest wheat importer in the world, which provides Egypt with the largest purchasing power capabilities. Antoniou Bros. is the leading specialty pasta manufacturer in Egypt!

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