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Antoniou Bros. Is The LARGEST Specialty Pasta Manufacturer in Egypt!!




Currently we offer 350g, 1000g, and 10KG packaging under the Antoniou Bros. brand. All shapes are available for the 350g, 400g and 10KG packaging sizes. A smaller selection is available for the 1000g packaging size.
We have worked with several ministries in the Egyptian Government including Ministry of Defense, Ministry of Solidarity and Social Justice, and Ministry of Aviation. Currently, we hold over 75% market share in Alexandria, Egypt under the Ministry of Solidarity’s subsidized pasta program. We understand the particular needs of governments and we welcome any governmental entity to contact us for their pasta needs. The Egyptian Ministry of Solidarity is the largest pasta consumer in the Middle East. The pasta is packed in 1000g packaging with outer HDPE secondary packing. Among 22 pasta manufacturer involved in the Egyptian Government’s Subsidy Program, we were the only pasta manufacturer to consistently achieve the highest marks in quality on a monthly basis.
In 2012, given the high demand from our International Clients in their local markets, we have started to offer white labeling for our clients in Africa and the Middle East. Think of our entire team from the sales team, R&D team, technical staff and production team as your personal consultant. We are very flexible in terms of our partner’s packaging needs and custom made pasta shapes, but in terms of quality, we only offer premium quality pasta. Furthemore, we have also started working with major food processors to offer their brand on our special pasta shapes. After much number-crunching, large food processors have noticed that it is far more economical for them to focus on their core offering and utilize our services as a specialty pasta manufacturer. The main advantage of having Antoniou Bros. supplement a multinational is the reliability of having an extremely technical team become part of your team – in essence, we become the specialty division of a major food processor. If there is a shape not in our portfolio, we work with the multinational to make that shape. So if you are looking for a reliable and experienced partner, do not hesitate to contact us.
Known to be the most difficult type of pasta manufacturing, the nest pasta requires a lot more art than science to be manufactured properly. Antoniou Bros. is the only pasta manufacturer in Egypt that produces Nest pasta. We offer three Nest pasta shapes: Tagliatelle, Angel Hair, and Spaghettini. No other factory in Egypt has the experience to create Nest pasta!
Considered by many to be the tastiest long pasta in the market. It has a special firmness and color that is unique in the market. Our secret is our low temperature drying method. Antoniou Bros. believes in the old pasta-making art of using low temperatures for drying. You’ll notice that Antoniou Bros. pasta has a beautiful bright yellow color, which is attributed to the art of drying pasta correctly for up to 21 hours. Antoniou Bros.
Considered the staple form of pasta, yet there are certain shapes that virtually all pasta manufacturers struggle to properly manufacture. The most important include Orzo / Kritharaki (Bird’s Tongue) and Vermicelli (Shaaria). We are the only pasta factory in the world that is actually capable of producing those two shapes with our beautiful natural yellow color. This is due to our carefully managed manufacturing process in both the extruding and drying stages of pasta manufacturing. The extrusion process uses extreme cold water coupled with a very long drying time in low temperatures to create the magnificent color and taste of the Antoniou Bros. short pasta. Egyptian, Italian, Greek, Swiss, and French chefs across Egypt will not accept any other Orzo (Bird’s Tongue) pasta shape other than Antoniou Bros. pasta. We currently offer the widest selection of special short pasta in the market and are considered the largest specialty pasta manufacturer in Egypt!


Pasta ShapePasta TypeRetail Packing
Bulk Packing
SpaghettiLong Pasta350g, 400g, & 1Kg10 Kg
Coralini (Small Rings)Short Shape350g, 400g, & 1Kg10 Kg
Marmaria (Medim Rings)Short Shape350g, 400g, & 1Kg10 Kg
Rigati (Large Rings)Short Shape350g, 400g, & 1Kg10 Kg
Proca (Elbow)Short Shape350g, 400g, & 1Kg10 Kg
Orzo (Bird's Tongue)Short Shape350g, 400g, & 1Kg10 Kg
VermicelliShort Shape350g, 400g, & 1Kg10 Kg
PenneShort Shape350g, 400g, & 1Kg10 Kg
MacaroniSpecial Short Shape350g, 400g, & 1Kg10 Kg
RigatoniSpecial Short Shape350 grams10 Kg
RadiatoreSpecial Short Shape350 grams10 Kg
Creste Di GalloSpecial Short Shape350 grams10 Kg
FusiliSpecial Short Shape350 grams10 Kg
WheelsSpecial Short Shape350 grams10 Kg
StarsSpecial Short Shape350 grams10 Kg
SpringsSpecial Short Shape350 grams10 Kg
ShellsSpecial Short Shape350 grams10 Kg
SnailsSpecial Short Shape350 grams10 Kg
Spaghetti ElbowsSpecial Short ShapeNot Available10 Kg
SpaghettiniNest Pasta350 grams10 Kg
TagliatelleNest Pasta350 gramsNot Applicable
Angel HairNest Pasta350 grams10 Kg

Retail Primary Packing Material: BOPP/CAST with 50 micron thickness for 350g and 55 micron thickness for 1000g. There are 7 colors in our design printed using Rotogravure printing technology.

Retail Secondary Packing Material: HDPE or Cartons depending on destination market

Bulk Primary Packing Material: Wooven Bags

Bulk Secondary Packing Material (Optional): For several of our International clients, we can use as an INNER packing an extra layer of HDPE bags.

Note: Please discuss with one of our Sales Associates if you require other custom packing material.

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  • 1Kg Retail Pasta
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