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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

We Know Pasta!

Pasta is our passion. It has been our passion for over a century! The entire team at Antoniou Bros. Co. believes in creating the highest quality pasta in the Region and the only way to do so is by truly understanding all the characteristics of pasta!

Not only are our laboratory technicians chemical engineers but all of them have taken several culinary courses catered to restaurant cooking of pasta. Both our QCQuality Control and R&DResearch & Development departments have taken culinary courses to ensure both departments always strive to produce the tastiest pasta in the market. The Antoniou Bros. pasta is famous for being able to handle the most challenging cooking environments.

Below are a list of answers to our frequently asked questions (FAQ). If you have any other questions, please do not hesitate to contact us. We love pasta so much, we never stop talking about it.

How to cook Antoniou Bros. Pasta?
What does 'Al Dente' pasta mean in cooking terms?
Should I add salt while cooking the pasta?
Do I add the salt before or after the water starts boiling in the pot? and does the salt make the water boil faster?
Does Antoniou Bros. use any additives or artificial colorings in the pasta?
Is Antoniou Bros. Pasta healthy for you?
Is Antoniou Bros. Co. a publicly held company?
Where is the production facility of Antoniou Bros.; in Alexandria or Borg El-Arab City?
What type of flour does Antoniou Bros. use to make pasta and why?
Does Antoniou Bros. manufacture pasta from Semolina and why?
What is the difference between Semolina and Antoniou Bros.' Flour?
How many employees at Antoniou Bros.?
How many pasta production lines at Antoniou Bros.?


What are the available grades of pasta quality?
Where are the available packing sizes?
Where are the available pasta shapes?
Do you have the premium type of long pasta (spaghettoni)?
Do you have very thin vermicelli?
Can I pack Antoniou Bros. pasta under my own label?
Can I pack my own label in gusset bags?
Can I stock my plastic and carton raw material at your warehouses?
What is the primary and secondary packing material used?
What is the lead time for delivery?
How much pasta can a 20' DV container hold?
My country requires a health certificate from an ISO laboratory, what are the available options in Egypt?
I would like to attend the loading of my order - would that be possible?
Is it true that Antoniou was the first industrial pasta manufacturing plant in Egypt?

Random Pasta Shapes

Penne (Short Pasta)Spaghetti (Long Pasta)Tagliatelle (Nest Pasta)Fusili (Special Short Pasta)


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