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Company Overview

Antoniou Bros. offers exceptional quality based on over a century of artisan food manufacturing experience and a passion for perfection. Headed by the Antoniou Brothers: Babis, Alexander, and Ioannis, the company strives to produce the tastiest products in the market.

Antoniou Bros. Co. manufactures dry pasta in Alexandria, Egypt. We produce long, short, special short and nest (nidi) pasta as well as offer a variety of packaging options including 350g, 400g, 1000g, 5kg, and 10kg.

We are using the latest Italian, Swiss AND German technological innovations in conjunction with our own secret recipes and experience of over a century in pasta manufacturing to deliver quality pasta products for the Egyptian and International markets.

Ensuring the best quality pasta is a tradition among the Antoniou Brothers. We use the highest quality flour coupled with the purest water sources to ensure that we create an extraordinary food experience.

Quality control is a daily ritual at Antoniou Bros. Co., where we check the color, smell, taste, and cooking behavior of every shape manufactured. The pasta should have a beautiful bright yellow color, firm shape, flour scent, silky smooth touch and a gentle cooking behavior.

The laboratories at Antoniou Bros. are equipped with the latest German and Japanese equipment to ensure the most accurate results.

Antoniou Bros. believes in continuous improvement and investment. This translates that all our departments are always attempting several Kaizen events. The company has embraced lean manufacturing and six sigma principles in order to streamline the supply chain and manufacturing process.

Antoniou Bros. sells its pasta across all of Egypt with a distribution center in Alexandria, Cairo, Sharkia, Giza, Gharbeya, Marsa Matrouh, Dakahlia, Behira, Port Saeed, Mansoura, Fayoum, Bani Suef, Bani Mazar, Samalout, Qena, Naga Hamady, Aswan, Luxor, Hurghada, Damiatta, Kafr El Sheikh, Ismaeeleya, and Kaliobeya. We have succesffuly exported to major countries within Africa and the Middle East.

Recently, Antoniou Bros., has attempted several  “Green” initiatives as it is our responsibility to help our environment to the best of our ability. The projects included: installing environmentally friendly lighting, windows, heating systems, roofing materials in various areas of our business to minimize use of electricity and decrease our thermal heat consumption. We have added special nozzles for all our water taps to save our waters. Several of our pasta drying methods in the manufacturing process have been re-engineered to re-use the generated heat and steam back into the manufacturing process.

Antoniou Bros. is located in Borg El Arab Industrial Zone, about one and a half hours from downtown Alexandria. However, we have planted about 500 trees in and around our facilities of which 200 are palm trees. We have planted the most trees of any factory in Alexandria, Egypt and are extremely proud of it. Click here is a link for the benefits of trees.

History Overview

1895: Yannakos (Ioannis) Antoniou, the great grandfather of Antoniou Brothers (the first generation), arrived from Volos, Greece, to Alexandria, Egypt searching for investment opportunities in real estate, textile and food industry.

1907: Yannakos Antoniou launched the largest pasta factory of its time in Alexandria, Egypt.

1952: Babis Antoniou, the grandfather of Antoniou Brothers (the second generation) purchased the first automatic lines to produce dry pasta from Braibanti Company; the leader in pasta machinery manufacturing in Italy and the world!

1955: Babis Antoniou, the grandfather of Antoniou Brothers introduced the vacuum principle in the manufacturing process , which completely transformed the industry;  it was the first time in Egypt that the color of pasta changed into bright shiny yellow/golden color.

1981: Ioannis Antoniou, the father of Antoniou brothers (the third generation), was able to manufacture new pasta lines doubling the production capacities from the existing lines by applying the latest technological innovations. It was a major accomplishment because during that time importing machinery was banned in Egypt. In addition, he was able to transform the pasta drying process from a manual proces dependent on the experience of the operators (Capo Pastayo) to an automated (computerized) drying system. He was the first to add traceability (and automation) and improved the reliability of rotary dryers by recycling the thermal heat. Furthermore, he was the first to attempt to pack pasta into small retail sizes and was one of the first in Egypt to purchase intermittent packaging machines with multi-weigher heads. He co-authored with the Egyptian Minister of Trade the guidelines of pasta factories in terms of the technical requirements.

2008: The Antoniou Brothers (the fourth generation!) had a distinct vision of wanting to build a new independent food factory for premium quality foods including, pasta, biscuits, chocolates and ice-cream. The new factory would focus on using the best possible raw material in the market while trying to balance the most difficult equation of premium quality at affordable prices. The plan is to accomplish the task within a 12 year period using only self-financing.

2010: Launch of the pasta factory in Borg El-Arab City on land mass of 18,000 m² with 4 production lines.

2011:  We added a Nest (Nidi) & Matassa production line. A Farfalle production machine has been bought and expected to run in 2013. Antoniou Bros. Co. reached maximum production capacity and invested in new production lines.  Antoniou Bros. Co. became the largest Nest pasta manufacturer in all of Egypt.

2012: We added our 6th production line coupled with two new high speed packaging machines. Antoniou Bros. Co. started construction of a finished goods warehouse next to the production facility built especially for the pasta export market. The production facilities’ warehouse is 2,500 m² and via our distribution network/affiliates, we have about 12,000 m² of warehouse storage across Egypt. As of 2012, Antoniou Bros. Co. is the largest pasta manufacturer in Alexandria, Egypt with the most modern equipment available in the market.

Management Team

The Antoniou brothers decided to continue the family business by creating an engineering marvel food factory in Egypt in order to produce the highest quality products. Although the Antoniou brothers stayed true to the food business as the fathers before them, but they diverged in focusing on the premium segment of the market.

The brothers had a vision for a new standard of perfection and quality in the pasta manufacturing business. They embraced the latest Italian and Swiss technological innovations coupled with the secret art of pasta-making that they inherited from their great grandfather, grandfather, and father to establish Antoniou Bros. Company for Food Products. Their objective is that every bite of our products provides a sensational food experience for our beloved customers and brings new meaning to what quality food should taste like.

The Antoniou Brothers strongly believe in tradition. They continue to hold the Egyptian tradition, signified by the Egyptian flag on all pasta products, of producing the best pasta from hard-wheat flour (flour made from extracting 72% of wheat).

Egypt is considered one of the top pasta consumers of hard-wheat pasta in the world and Antoniou Bros. Company is the premium brand when it comes to hard wheat pasta. Antoniou Bros. produces pasta using flour with protein content between 10.5 grams and 11.5 grams in every 100 grams of pasta.

Eng. Babis Antoniou, Dr. Alexander Antoniou, and Eng. Ioannis Antoniou hold multiple graduate degrees including Business Administration, Applied Statistics, Economics, Medicine, Mechanical Engineering, and Mathematics from Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), The Johns Hopkins University, and Tufts University in the United States.

Engineering Team

Antoniou Bros. is lucky to have one of the best Engineering teams available worldwide. Our Engineering department makes up almost 15% of our work force. Antoniou Bros. strongly believes that to be a top class company with 99% reliability and machine up-time requires to have the most talented technicians and engineers in house.

The team has a combined experience of well over a century in the art of pasta-making as well as in the mechanical and electrical components of the pasta manufacturing process. The team has successfully built complete pasta manufacturing lines including extruders, dryers, and packaging machines. The same team that started the journey in 2008 is still with the company which shows that they truly love pasta and there is no better place to manufacture pasta than at Antoniou Bros.

The head engineer is Eng. Antoniou who is considered by many in the Pasta Industry as one of the the leaders in pasta manufacturing. He was one of the pioneers of adapting the extruders to operate as efficiently with pasta from hard wheat flour as with pasta from semolina. This has improved the production capacity as well as decreased the maintenance time of the pasta lines.

Antoniou Bros. works with several of the leading Italian and Swiss suppliers to constantly seek to improve the pasta manufacturing process. Antoniou Bros. has a very good reputation not only as a pasta manufacturer but also as an innovator in the pasta manufacturing process.

Evidence of our superior manufacturing process is seen among our two most popular pasta shapes that until today, no other pasta manufacturer is able to correctly dry them; Vermicelli and Bird’s Tongue (Rice). In terms of all our other pasta shapes they are superior in their cooking abilities and can handle extreme cooking conditions which is particularly useful for restaurants, fast food stores, hotels, etc.

If you are looking for a reliable and experienced pasta manufacturer, then contact us now to learn how we can help drive more revenue to your business.