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Pasta Specifications

Antoniou Bros. pasta is made out of the best hard wheat flour in the market and mixed with the purest water to create an incredibly tasting pasta!


If you are looking for a reliable and experienced pasta manufacturer, then contact us now to learn how we can help drive more revenue to your business.







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Short Pasta Shape: Vermicelli
Short Pasta Shape: Penne
Tagliatelle (EXCLUSIVE SHAPE!)
Nest Pasta Shape: Tagliatelle
Long Pasta Shape: Spaghetti
Orzo (Bird's Tongue)
Short Pasta Shape: Orzo / Kritheraki / Bird's Tongue / Rice
Special Short Pasta Shape: Macaroni
Large Rings (Rigati)
Short Pasta Shape: Large Rings
Special Short Pasta Shape: Shells #2 (Open Mouth)
Cous Cous
Special Short Pasta Shape: Cous Cous (Coming 2013)
Farfalle (Bow-Ties)
Special Short Pasta Shape: Farfalle (Coming Soon in 2013)
Long Pasta Shape: Bucatini (Coming Soon in 2013)
Long Pasta Shape: Linguine (Coming Soon in 2013)